Festicket and Spotify can now help you find festival tickets based on your music tastes

Festicket, a UK-based online booking platform for festivals, has partnered with Spotify to help music lovers discover music festivals around them and find festival tickets based on the music they listen to.

The new Festival Finder feature, once you’ve entered your Spotify login details, will analyze the music you’ve listened to and the artists you love to follow in order to give you the best festival matches.

Once you discover a new or upcoming festival that you like, Festicket lets you book tickets, accommodation and travel. There’s even a waiting list for those who would like to be alerted when tickets become available for festivals that are taking place up to a year away.

The feature displays a tailored list of ten upcoming festivals that best match your listening habits, including some under-the-radar gems that could soon become your new favorite festival destination.

TechCrunch has managed to get a statement from Festicket explaining that the Festival Finder feature “benefits from Festicket’s extensive database of festivals, which, when paired with artist intelligence from Spotify, can be used to make a selection that is personalised just for you.”

The platform currently offers 1,000+ festivals.