Filter incoming notifications via keywords and names with DiscreetifyXI

Your iPhone naturally displays short notification previews as you receive them, and while this can be a handy feature in some cases, sometimes notifications show off a little more to the people around us than we might want.

DiscreetifyXI is a new jailbreak tweak by iOS developer Rishanan that mitigates this problem with user-configurable notification filters, and as of this writing, it just might be the best solution available.

The tweak essentially works by concealing notification contents based upon specific criteria, such as the person it’s coming from or the context of the notification itself.

The tweak adds a preference pane to the Settings app where you can configure the filters to your liking:

Options here include:

  • Toggling the tweak on or off on demand
  • Filtering notifications by name
    • Replace the real contact name with a false contact name
    • Choose a spoof name
    • Enter the names you want to be replaced
  • Filtering notifications by context
    • Replace the actual notification content with false content
    • Choose spoof notification text
    • Enter specific words you want to be filtered from your notifications
  • Always hide the application icon from notification interfaces
  • Always hide the application name from notification interfaces
  • Always hide the date and time from notification interfaces
  • Always hide the name from notification interfaces
  • Always hide the content from notification interfaces

As the developer notes in the preference pane, all settings can be applied on the fly and you don’t need to respring your device to save your changes.

Apple provides notification privacy settings in iOS right out of the box, but they aren’t as robust as those found in DiscreetifyXI. The primary difference is that DiscreetifyXI lets you set specific rules based upon notification content, while Apple forces you to choose all or nothing.

If you’re interested in downloading DiscreetifyXI for yourself, then you’ll find it for $1.00 in Cydia’s Packix repository. The tweak works on all jailbroken iOS 10 and 11 devices.

Do you think DiscreetifyXI offers an improvement over Apple’s stock notification privacy settings? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.