Custom-painted AirPods sporting classic Macintosh look will set you back $399

How about a pair of AirPods with a retro skin featuring the timeless Macintosh design?

ColorWare is now offering just that, but having a custom-painted wireless earphones will set you back $399, or more than double Apple’s standard asking price of $159 a pop.

They’re calling them AirPods Retro and they’re shipping in 3-4 weeks.

Aside from a classic Macintosh finish complete with faux vents and the pairing button reminiscent of Apple’s old six-color logo, these are the same AirPods you know and love.

Although the design of these retro-looking AirPods is inspired by the Apple IIe computer, both the Apple IIe and the original Macintosh shared the same Pantone 453 matte finish. ColorWare also offers a bunch of other custom-painted gear, including gaming controllers, Beats headphones, MacBook Pro and PlayStation 4 skins and much more.

The limited-edition AirPods Retro come in original packaging and include Apple’s charging case, a Lightning to USB cable and documentation. Those who already own AirPods currently cannot send them to ColorWare to have them repainted.

Grab your custom-painted AirPods from ColorWare for $399.