Apple’s awesome new iPhone X ad showcases unlocking saved passwords with Face ID

Since its September 2017 introduction, Apple has aired a few noteworthy iPhone X advertisements showcasing the particular aspects of the Face ID feature. The latest video released last evening on the company’s official YouTube channel is no exception.

Titled “Memory” and running one minute and forty seconds long, the slick advertisement focuses on another time-saving Face ID capability: the ability to unlock and autofill a user’s saved passwords in apps and on websites with a scan of their face.

Based on an imaginary game show, the video depicts a contestant being challenged by a host to remember a banking account password he created a day ago. Fumbling through several unsuccessful attempts to remember the password, the poor guy pulls an iPhone X out of his pocket and turns to Face ID in order to unlock a saved password with a glance.

The ad’s concept and production value are top notch.

“Remembering your password doesn’t have to feel like a memory challenge,” reads the video’s description. “With Face ID on iPhone X, your face is your password.” Of course Touch ID can do the same thing, but this is an iPhone X ad focused on the Face ID feature.

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