Let’s Talk iOS 244: Something to keep an eye on

Let's Talk iOS podcast on iPhone X

Apple Maps outages sometimes can’t be avoided, but can Apple communicate better about them? Should Apple ditch the Lightning connector for USB-C? Is Apple really not merging iOS and macOS? Are Siri shortcuts a bigger deal than we may think at first? Does the TV content Apple is signing deals for tell a lot about the company’s strategy in general? Many questions that may or may not find an answer on this episode.

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Show Notes

Small talk:

Widespread outages reported for Apple Maps

Rumor: 2019 iPhones and iPads might ditch Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector for USB-C

The NO slide at WWDC. Is Apple really not merging the two platforms?

Siri and Shortcut integration. Is that a great way to take on Alexa’s skills?

Apple original content:

Apple announces multi-year content deal with Oprah Winfrey

Apple working on deal with Cartoon Saloon for animated movie

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