Apple’s reportedly decided to use OLED screens in all three 2019 iPhone models

A report alleged Apple had decided to adopt OLED display panels across all three new iPhone models due next year even though several analysts said such a transition wasn’t likely.

According to South Korea’s Electronic Times and its own sources, the Cupertino firm is planning (Google Translate) to completely drop LCD screens from all next year’s iPhones.

As a result, the mid-tier, Face ID-equipped 6.1-inch iPhone should feature a screen based on OLEDs, like iPhone X, rather than utilize the traditional LCD screen technology.

Making a jump to OLED

Older reports released ahead of the September 2017 iPhone X introduction claimed Apple would slowly but surely transition iPhones from LCD to OLED technology by 2019, provided all went as planned and its suppliers would be able to keep up with volume requirements.

Samsung Display is currently the sole OLED panel supplier for iPhone X.

The rumored OLED move would be negative for some current suppliers.

As an example, shares in Apple’s LCD suppliers Japan Display tumbled 10% while Sharp declined as much as 4.3%, Reuters noted. Bloomberg said Sharp’s shares actually fell 4%.

“If Apple uses OLED for all models for next year, that could raise hopes for LG Display to take a slice as Apple may want to diversify its sources for OLED supply,” said Lee Won-sik, an analyst at Shinyoung Securities in Seoul.

Japan Display and Sharp are both currently LCD display suppliers for iPhone, but so far have been unable to mass produce OLEDs reliably enough to meet Apple’s standards.

6.1-inch iPhone is coming

Analyst reports and supply chain chatter have indicated  the device might have the same size as iPhone 8 Plus, only 0.2mm thicker. Earlier this month, the Business Korea newspaper speculated that the 6.1-inch iPhone might use an ultra-bright, low-power LCD screen based on the new MLCD+ display technology pioneered by LG’s new G7 ThinQ smartphone.

OLED technology, an acronym for organic light-emitting diode, provides deep blacks, vivid color reproduction, sharper images, superior brightness and low power consumption versus LCDs.

The 6.1-inch iPhone is one of the three new models said to be coming next year, with the other two being an upgraded version of the current 5.8-inch iPhone X and a new Plus-sized model.

Provided the report is genuine, 2019 may mark the year Apple drops LCDs in iPhones.