6.1″ LCD iPhone may use the same MLCD+ display as LG’s new G7 ThinQ smartphone

Apple’s upcoming 6.1-inch iPhone, one of the three rumored new models coming this year, may feature an ultra-bright, low-power LCD screen based on the new MLCD+ display technology pioneered by LG’s new G7 ThinQ smartphone.

The Business Korea newspaper today reported that Apple “is expected to load” the rumored 6.1-inch iPhone model with an MLCD+ display which LG used in its G7 ThinQ smartphone.

The new LG device was widely praised for its excellent image quality, courtesy of the new MLCD+ display technology that enables a bright screen with less power consumption than the traditional IPS LCD displays that we saw used in all LCD-based iPhones to date.

In addition to the red, blue and green sub-pixels, MLCD+ utilizes an additional white sub-pixel. This allows for increased brightness, lower power consumption and improved color accuracy with support for 100% of the wide DCI-P3 color gamut.

Having 100% of the wide DCI-P3 color gamut means the LG phone is able to express delicate colors close to nature even at peak brightness. All iPhones from iPhone 7 onward support the DCI-P3 color gamut which Apple calls wide color.

Speaking of brightness, a peak brightness of the G7 ThinQ smartphone is about 1,000 nits while iPhone X’s OLED panel ranges between 625 nits and 804 nits.

LG is calling this new panel a Super Bright Display.

The LCD iPhone is also said to feature Face ID, a single-lens camera, a nearly full-screen edge-to-edge design with a notch, no 3D Touch, no Home button and other perks.