Apple’s hosting ‘Close Your Rings’ WWDC18 event for developers

Close Your Rings

During next week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple’s holding a “Close Your Rings Challenge” for developers while they are in San Jose, California. It’s designed to motivate developers to close the three Apple Watch activity rings each day beginning on Sunday, June 3 through Thursday, June 7.

To participate in this event, developers will must download a special Challenges app from the App Store and get a unique code from the developer website.

Close Your Rings

As part of the challenge, you can work as a team of four with other WWDC18 attendees. If everyone on your team closes their rings on a day, you’ll get team bonus points. Those folks who earn 200 points or more during the challenge, will receive a reward on Friday, June 8.

Points are awarded as follows:

Move ring

  • You’ll earn 1 point for each 1/12 of the Move ring you complete.
  • This ring is capped at 36 points.

Exercise ring

  • You’ll earn 1 point for each 1/12 of the Exercise ring you complete.
  • This ring is capped at 36 points (90 minutes).

Stand ring

  • You’ll earn 1 point for each 1/12 of the Stand ring you complete.
  • This ring is capped at 14 points (standing for one minute per hour for 14 hours)

Bonus points

  • Individual bonus points: An individual player will earn 12 extra points for closing all three rings on the same day. This is earned only once per day, and no additional points are awarded for closing a ring more than once.
  • Team bonus points: If one person on your team closes all three on the same day, you’ll receive 4 bonus points for each teammate who also closes all three rings that day, with a maximum of 12 team bonus points each day.

You can find more information about next week’s WWDC18 challenge via Apple’s special “Close Your Rings” website.

Earlier today, Apple updated its WWDC app to reflect next week’s event.

This year’s WWDC is being held at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose. It’s the second year in a row the annual event is being held here. On Monday, June 4 at 10 a.m. PDT, Apple will hold its annual keynote address. At this event, we’re likely to see the first demos for iOS 12, and next-generation versions of macOS, tvOS, and watchOS. New MacBooks and iPads could also be announced.

Monday’s keynote will be live-streamed.

Grab WWDC 2018 at no charge from App Store.