Apple will now issue whole-unit replacements for iPhone X units with Face ID issues

Apple’s own online and offline stores, as well as third-party repair technicians, have been authorized to issue whole-unit replacements for iPhone X devices with reported Face ID problems that cannot be fixed by replacing the entire TrueDepth camera system.

This isn’t a new repair program from Apple nor should this service policy change be interpreted as a sign of a widespread fault with Apple’s TrueDepth cameras.

According to an internal document obtained by AppleInsider, service technicians are instructed to first run diagnostics on the device and attempt a TrueDepth camera module replacement.

If that doesn’t resolve the problem and Face ID issues persist, the company is recommending that customers be given a new iPhone X versus a same-device display repair. The affected units apparently display the message “FaceID not available. Try again later”.

“At present, it’s not clear what the relationship between the TrueDepth system and the rear camera module is,” notes AppleInsider. “Speaking with assorted Genius Bar personnel and third-party repair shops, the problem is extremely rare, with half of those we asked about it having not seen it at all.”

We’re unsure if the problem is widespread. If a quick scan of support forums is an indication, it doesn’t appear so. Still, we’re glad Apple is making this small yet important change to benefit those who would report that their iPhone X is having Face ID issues.

Have you encountered Face ID issues on your device yet?

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