iMovie update brings iPhone X support, faster graphics processing via Metal & more

Apple’s free iOS video-editing app, iMovie for iPhone and iPad, was updated on App Store yesterday with support for iPhone X’s Super Retina display and the Metal framework.

iMovie for iOS version 2.2.5 now takes full advantage of that edge-to-edge OLED display panel in your iPhone X while support for Metal enables hardware-accelerated graphics processing.

The refreshed video-editing software has also brought out enhanced localization for Simplified Chinese while improved overall stability has resulted in fewer crashes and other problems.

Apple notes that this version of iMovie requires iOS 11.2

Taking full advantage of multi-touch gestures, iMovie lets you edit video like a pro. You can browse your video library from the palm of your hand, create beautiful movies to watch on all your devices in iMovie Theater, share your creations with friends and family and much more.

iMovie includes a handy extension for editing your movies directly in the Photos app.

Grab iMovie for iOS free on App Store.