How to turn off HomePod’s status lights altogether

Due to its lack of screen, HomePod’s means of expressing itself are limited to the pulsating, colorful dot on its slick top surface. Design and implementation of the expressive light undoubtedly make for a masterclass in giving an inanimate speaker an air of personality.

While we do have a detailed breakdown of which of HomePod’s lights exactly mean what, what we have not done yet is call attention to the fact that the lights can also be shut down entirely – and no, I’m not talking about pulling the plug from the power outlet.

Why would you want your HomePod to become a stale, expressionless object? Well, perhaps you don’t want your HomePod to emit as much light in the dark or prefer the look of a sleek black or white speaker sans the play of colors on top – whatever floats your boat, each to their own, you get the gist. Maybe you just appreciate knowing that there is the option without ever seriously contemplating depriving HomePod of its quirky LED.

Whatever the reason you might decide to neuter your HomePod, there is a simple switch to do (and undo) just that.

How to switch off HomePod’s status light

1) Open the Home app on your iOS device.

2) Either on your Home or Rooms tab, locate your HomePod and press and hold its icon to expose the Settings panel.

3) Scroll down until you make it to the Siri section.

4) Light When Using Siri will be switched on by default – flick the switch to the off position to turn off Siri’s vibrant light. Done.

HomePod Light When Using Siri Off

With this in place, Siri will now no longer ‘wake’ and light up next time you are sharply shouting ‘Hey Siri’ across the room. Notwithstanding that, HomePod will still listen and react accordingly.

Have a play around if you are curious to find out whether your HomePod looks more badass, or maybe blends in nicer with your furniture without the light dancing on top of the speaker.

I have taken a liking to my all-black HomePod, let us know in the comments if you have given it a whirl yet.