Add a splash of color to your Status Bar’s battery indicator with ColorMyBattery

The battery indicator is perhaps one of the most mattering icons in the Status Bar, so why not give it a fun and quirky splash of color? A new free jailbreak tweak called ColorMyBattery by iOS developer Kiran Patil lets you do just that.

The screenshot examples above depict how the battery icon looks after being dyed blue with the ColorMyBattery tweak; but don’t let looks deceive you, as you can pick virtually any color you want.

After installing ColorMyBattery, you can visit the tweak’s preference pane in the Settings app:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle the tweak on or off
  • Hide the battery percentage from the icon
  • Choose a different color for every tenth battery percentage increment

The tweak gives you a vast assortment of colors to pick from, so you aren’t limited in any way shape or form.

If you’d like to get really creative, then you could set different shades of green, yellow, orange, and red for each increment so that the battery icon uses color to depict the battery you have remaining. From that, you won’t need to see the numeric percentage anymore.

iOS supports colored battery indicators out of the box, but it’s not customizable. It shows green up until around 20%, and then yellow after iOS enters Low Power Mode automatically. Finally, it becomes red as your battery inches closer to a critical state.

ColorMyBattery provides an ounce of additional customization, and it can be a fun way to trick out your newly-jailbroken iOS 11 device if you enjoy altering aesthetics. If you’d like to give the tweak a try, then you can download it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository.

What colors will you apply to your Status Bar’s battery indicator with ColorMyBattery? Share with us in the comments section below.