Google Assistant gets fully optimized for iPad

Google Assistant debuted on App Store about a year ago, but the app was iPhone-only.

Whilst it did work on an iPad without a hiccup just like other unoptimized apps do when you use them in iOS’s 2x display mode, Google Assistant for iOS has not been updated up until today to let it resize its user interface automatically in order to work with the iPad screen sizes.

The app now takes full advantage of and scales properly to the various iPad form factors, from the 7.9-inch iPad mini to 9.7-inch iPads to the 10.5 and 12.9-inchers.

“You can now get the full Assistant experience on your iPad,” said Google.

They’ve also made other updates to the app to bring you the best Assistant experience, including bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Google has been steadily increasing the devices and regions and languages that Google Assistant can be used with. As of last August, for instance, the app is available in Europe.

Google Assistant for iOS is a free download from App Store.