Google Assistant for iOS expands to Germany, France and UK

Following its US-only debut on iOS in May 2017 at the Google I/O conference, the search giant today expanded the availability of the Assistant app for iPhone and iPad to the users in Germany, France and the United Kingdom.

A successor to Google Now, Assistant provides conversational features and extended functionality beyond getting help and answers from Google by supporting a myriad of third-party apps and services.

While not as deeply integration at the OS level as on Android, Assistant for iPhone and iPad is a very capable app, one which combines voice-controlled features and chat style-functionality with two-way conversations between you and the AI bot.

Aside from getting answers to standard questions and fetching information from the web, you can use Assistant to set reminders, create calendar events, find turn-by-turn directions to your favorite places and lots more.

Google Assistant is built into major Android devices and is part of Google Home, the Allo messaging app and the mobile Google app for iOS and Android. As of recently, Assistant supports voice calling via Google’s Home accessory or your iPhone.

Google Assistant is available for free in App Store.