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As part of the Automatic Setup for HomePod, you select the room the speaker’s in by choosing from a pre-populated list of room names like “Living Room”, ”Bedroom”, ”Kitchen” and so forth.

The device is then added to the Home app and assigned to the room you’ve specified during the initial setup. I always make sure to rename a brand new Apple device after setting it up so that it’s easier to identify in Control Center and various menus, such as AirDrop and AirPlay.

If the built-in HomePod room names sound too boring to you, you can create a fancier room name for the device, such as ”Man Cave”, “Garage”, “Skunkworks Lab” and what have you.

Here’s how.

How to rename the room your HomePod’s in

With HomePod doubling as a HomeKit hub for remote control of your smart home accessories, you’re required to assign it to a room during the setup process. You can later use the Home app to rename your HomePod, changes its room assignment and adjust other settings.

Keep in mind that your iPhone must be running iOS 11.2.5 or later.

1) Open the Home app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

2) Press your HomePod in the Home or Rooms tab with 3D Touch or long-tap it.

3) Tap Details in the lower-right corner.

4) Tap the entry labeled Room to change your HomePod’s room assignment.

5) You can now change the room where the device is by selecting from of the pre-populated room names or create a bespoke room name by scrolling down, then tap Create New.

6) Type in the new descriptive room name.

7) Tap Save to keep the changes.

8) Tap Done to finish changing HomePod’s settings.

It may take a few seconds or minutes for the newly assigned HomePod name to synchronize through iCloud across all your connected Apple devices, apps and services.

TIP: you can also rename your HomePod at any time.

After changing your HomePod room assignment, don’t forget to use the new room name when controlling your smart home accessories though Siri utterances.

For instance, if your HomePod is in the living room but you’ve created the custom room name “Man Cave,“ asking Siri to dim the lights in the living room won’t yield desired results. Instead, you’ll probably want to say something like “Hey Siri, dim the lights in the Man Cave”.

A simpler form of the above command—“Hey Siri, turn off the lights in here”—also does the trick because Siri knows which accessories are in the same room as your HomePod.

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