Spike Jonze directs gorgeous HomePod mini film starring musician and dancer FKA twigs

Apple has debuted an interesting new mini-film on its YouTube channel dedicated to its $349 HomePod wireless speaker, directed by Spike Jonze. Aptly titled “Welcome Home”, the four-minute video also stars musician and dancer FKA Twigs.

The ad is set to Anderson Paak’s new song “Til It’s Over” and shows a lively dance number from Twigs after she gets home from a rough day and asks HomePod to “play something I love.”


Adweek praised the mini-film:

Spike Jonze has directed a new four-minute short film for Apple’s HomePod speaker featuring yet another marquee collaborator—the English musician and dancer FKA twigs.

The result is a stunning piece that’s charming, surreal, emotional, playful, theatrical and utterly compelling—one of the most remarkable ads of the year so far.

The publication learned that a shorter 60-second edit will air during primetime network TV.

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