Apple challenges you to double your Move ring on International Women’s Day this Thursday

As suspected a few days ago, Apple’s now debuted a new Activity challenge for Apple Watch wearers to honor International Women’s Day which is celebrated on March 8 every year.

Double your Move ring on Thursday, March 8 (lowering the Move goal for the day won’t help) to earn a nice medal in the Activity app on your iPhone, plus a set of still and animated themed stickers in the Messages app which you can send and receive to friends via iMessage.

As an example, if your daily Move goal is 300 calories, you’ll need to burn 600 calories on Thursday in order to win this new award.

Apple Watch downloads new Activity challenges from a dedicated server, making it easy for people to scrape the data source in order to discover fresh details about any upcoming challenges a few days sooner than they’re scheduled to officially go live.

This challenge should be international given the global scope of International Women’s Day, which commemorates the movement for women’s rights.

Apple is also celebrating International Women’s with sub-$10 iTunes movies featuring strong female characters like “Wonder Woman”, “Mean Girls”, “Mad Max: Fury Road” and “Room”, plus a “Celebrating Bold Women” playlist in Apple Music’s Browse tab.