Twitterrific for iOS gains support for drag and drop, Georgia font, new image picker & more

Just two days after Twitterrific for Mac picked up important multi-account features whilst cutting the price temporarily by as much as 60%, developer The Iconfactory has now pushed a similarly important update to Twitterrific’s iPhone and iPad app.

Twitterrific’s 5.18.4 update brings verified badges on avatars, an all new image-picker, support for iOS drag and drop of content into the app, a new font and a host of other changes.

Some of these features were added to Twitterrific’s Mac app update earlier in the week, including verified and protected badges on user avatars and the new Georgia font—a classic serif typeface with great readability.

If you own an iPad, you can now drag and drop supported content onto Twitterrific’s tweet compose sheet to quickly attach images and add URLs to the tweet. Or, if you’ve already copied some images to the system clipboard, you can tap on the text area of the compose sheet and select the Paste action to attach them to your tweet in one fell swoop.

Twitterrific 5.18.4 for iOS changelog

Here’s everything new, improved and fixed in this edition of Twitterrific for iOS:

New features

  • Added badges to user avatars:
    • Displays if the account is verified or protected
    • Option to turn badges off under Settings → Presentation
  • Added Georgia theme font option
  • Added drag/drop support (iOS 11+) to the compose window:
    • Drop images from other apps into the text area and they will become attachments to your tweet
    • Drag images, URLs and text from other apps into Twitterrific and hover over the compose button to quickly add them to a new tweet
    • Tap on the text area of the compose window and select Paste to attach a photo you may have already had copied to your clipboard


  • A whole new image picker for attaching photos to tweets
  • Compose displays a spinner while attached photos are processing
  • Tap & hold on an attached image thumbnail to quickly remove it
  • Improved performance when attaching photos
  • Twitterrific is smarter about removing previously deleted tweets from the timeline
  • Improved performance when importing messages and tweets
  • Improved performance when loading long discussion threads
  • Improved readability of disabled muffle rules in the black theme
  • Added haptic feedback when toggling like/retweet in Center Stage mode; the UI now also updates immediately
  • Added haptic feedback after long-pressing the camera button to attach your most recent photo
  • Added a Presentation submenu to settings and moved several options into it
  • The share sheet displays an icon when the host app only provides a link to share

Bug fixes

  • Fixed missing high resolution pull to refresh animation frames
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented photos from attaching
  • Fixed clipped descenders when using Calluna font

Twitterrific for iPhone and iPad also recently picked up haptics, chronological threads, a new unread indicator, a black theme for iPhone X and other updates.

This update is available at no additional charge to existing users of the app.

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Twitterrific for iOS is a freemium download from App Store.

Twitterrific 5 for macOS is temporarily down to $7.99 in Mac App Store.

Image top of post via Scott Yoshinaga