Twitterrific unveils iPhone X-optimized black theme and other new features

Developer The Iconfactory on Wednesday announced an update for its Twitterrific app for iPhone, iPad and Mac, bringing a bevy of new features, enhancements and fixes including a true black theme that not only looks great on iPhone X, but also helps save power.

From The Iconfactory blog:

Running Twitterrific with this new theme looks amazingly sharp and feels great. The timeline and user profiles seem to extend right off the edges of the device creating a wonderful visual experience. We think you’ll be pleased. Lastly, the update includes redesigned versions of Twitterrific’s light and dark themes, both of which have been adjusted for greater contrast and clarity across platforms.

Automatic poll detection, an experimental new feature in Twitterrific for iPhone and iPad, puts a new button at the bottom of every tweet provided common markers are found, like a #poll hashtag or a graph/ballot box emoji at the beginning or end of your tweet.

A redesigned Theme panel now provides some additional features, too, such as avatar shapes (rounded rectangle, squircle, circle and square) and improved font size selections. Last but not least, the iOS edition of Twitterrific has added support for Apple’s Dynamic Type accessibility feature that lets you easily define font size across compatible apps.

Turn on Dynamic Type under iOS Settings → General → Accessibility → Larger Text and Twitterrific will automatically adjust text size accordingly.

Other tidbits: deactivating muffle rules without having to delete them (plus, your rules now automatically deactivate themselves after 60 days of inactivity), a more informative muffle editor, additional improvements to iOS 11’s Smart Invert feature, an unread indicator dot on tweets (this is an awesome feature), a timestamp on quoted tweets and more.

I especially like that Twitterrific finally allows me to completely turn off media on my iPhone. As a bonus, the apps include a fun holiday edition of Twitterrific’s icon, called Jolly Ollie.

On the Mac side, Twitterrific has plugged a big memory leak, tweaked default themes and several icons for greater clarity, added the ability to deactivate muffle rules without having to delete them and fixed a handful of bugs.

Head over to The Iconfactory website for the complete list of everything new, enhanced and fixed in Twitterrific 5.18 for iOS and Twitterrific 5.2.2 for macOS.

Twitterrific 5 for iPhone and iPad is available for free on App Store.

Twitterrific 5 for macOS is a $19.99 download from Mac App Store.