Mario Kart Tour will be priced as ‘free-to-start’ when it launches on App Store

Nintendo announced just last week that their next upcoming mobile game will be Mario Kart Tour. While still not much is known, it looks like Nintendo will price the game as “free-to-start”.

The game will be c0-developed for Nintendo by DeNA, whose CEO shared the latest news. While he says the game will be “free-to-start”, it is still unclear what that means. TouchArcade was first to report the news.

Nintendo seems to have been experimenting a bit with their pricing structure lately. Super Mario Run is free to download, but limits you to only the first world before requiring you to pay to unlock the full game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on the other hand, which Nintendo describes as free-to-start on their website, is entirely free though has in-app purchases to unlock in-game currency used for different tasks.

I’d expect the payment structure to be similar to Pocket Camp and Fire Emblem Heroes.

Mario Kart Tour is expected to launch sometime before March of 2019.

Personally, I could not be more excited for the game. But what about you? Let me know if you’re excited for the game, and how you’d prefer the payment to be structured, down in the comments below. Would you prefer in-app purchases, or a one-time payment to unlock the full game?