CoolStar updates APT, DPKG, and GNU for iOS 11, Cydia coming in future Electra beta

Electra quickly became one of the most popular ways to jailbreak iOS 11.0-.11.1.2, and while it hasn’t included Cydia since its initial release, that could all change very soon.

The primary reason we haven’t had Cydia on iOS 11 as of yet is that both it and its dependencies haven’t been updated to work on Apple’s latest operating system. On the other hand, CoolStar made significant strides in the right direction this week after upgrading APT, DPKG, and GNU with iOS 11 support.

Cydia relies on these three dependencies to work correctly, and now that they’re updated and available for iOS 11, Electra could ship with a patched version of Cydia in a near-future beta.

Electra is currently on beta 10, and given just how quickly CoolStar seems to be working through the hurdles, it shouldn’t be long before Electra gets Cydia support. All that remains now is bundling everything together, building the bootstrap, and making sure everything works before that happens.

Notably, Saurik continues to work on an official update to Cydia and Mobile Substrate for iOS 11 behind the scenes, but there’s no definite ETA for when he might complete that project.

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