Songs friends play on your HomePod won’t affect Apple Music’s “For You” section

You can decided for yourself whether the music your friends play on your HomePod through AirPlay will affect Apple Music’s “For You” section in the Music app on iPhone and iPad.

According to a detailed HomePod review by The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple, you’re in control of whether or not the songs beamed to your HomePod from a friend’s device via AirPlay will affect the “For You” section in Apple Music

One thing about having multiple people access the HomePod that bothered me was that it would affect my “For You” section in Apple Music.

When you love songs, play songs and add songs to your library, Apple Music will suggest similar music, assuming that is what you want. If someone else, or a group of people come over and start playing genres you don’t like, it would screw everything up.

Well, it turns out I didn’t have to worry about that after all. There is a setting in the Home app that allows you to prevent the music played on HomePod from affecting the ‘For You’ section of Apple Music.

HomePod uses other smart tricks, too.

Using its built-in accelerometer sensor, it senses when it’s moved and triggers the acoustic room analysis algorithm in order to adjusts the speakers based on where the device is located.

It also uses Bluetooth and other signals indicating user intent, helping it determine whether Siri on HomePod should respond to your request or Siri on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

HomePod photograph via TechCrunch