Apple’s focus on software quality in 2018 said to include Mac, but “to a lesser degree”

Apple’s rumored focus on software quality in 2018 reportedly extends to the Mac platform.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported Tuesday, citing a person familiar with the matter, that this planned software engineering shift, which was first reported this morning by Axios, will also affect this year’s update to the macOS desktop operating system, but “to a lesser degree.”

Planned upgrades to Apple Watch and Apple TV software won’t be affected.

The Bloomberg report reiterates that iOS 12 was originally supposed to bring a redesigned Home screen, a multiplayer mode for augmented reality games powered by ARKit, as well as a merger of the third-party apps running on iPhones and Macs, among other improvements.

The author claims that the previously reported combined apps platform is still on schedule to be introduced this year, most likely at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference this summer.

Also in tow for iOS 12: new parental controls to better monitor how long apps are being used for by kids, plus unspecified FaceTime enhancements (group video chat?).

“The company will also probably delay a revamped photo-management app that used new algorithms to better automatically sort pictures, though some smaller upgrades to the Photos app will still appear this year,” reads the report.

This isn’t an unusual move on Apple’s part.

A few years back, the company decided to “pause on innovation” by releasing the Snow Leopard update for the Mac platform which brought little in terms of outward-facing new user features in favor of the plumbing work and under-the-hood optimizations.

In that regard, both iOS 12 and the upcoming macOS update should mark another Snow Leopard moment for Apple’s operating systems, and that’s a good thing because Snow Leopard was one of the fastest, most stable versions of macOS.

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