Teaser for Amazon’s Super Bowl LII commercial hints at new Alexa voices

“Alexa lost her voice! How’s that even possible?” a puzzled Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asks an engineer in a new 30-second teaser advertisement released ahead of Super Bowl LII.

A female employee responds by saying, ”We have the replacements ready, just say the word.” If you’ve been looking for proof that Alexa will be getting multiple new voices soon, this is it.

Check out Amazon’s video embedded below.


“Sounds like Alexa might have lost her voice, but who could possibly replace her?,” teases the video’s description.

The spot conveniently ends with the date of February 4, which is when Super Bowl LII will take place between the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots. As you know, Apple’s HomePod will arrive in stores on February 9 with a major focus on high quality audio playback.

However, Apple is extremely unlikely to run an ad during Super Bowl LII.

The last two times the Cupertino giant advertised during Super Bowl was in 1984, when it aired the famous Macintosh ad during a break in the third quarter of the Super Bowl XVIII telecast, and the following year when it played the odd “Lemmings” ad that was consensually met with skepticism and painted as a significant failure compared to the iconic 1984 video.

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