Hands-on with the iDevice Instinct HomeKit wall switch with built-in Amazon Echo speaker

iDevices built an Amazon Alexa speaker right into their upcoming Instinct wall switch, and while we didn’t get to try it, we did get to check it out, as well as iDevices other new products, at CES 2018.

iDevices has announced a new smart ceiling fan switch, an EV charger, and the Instinct.

The Instinct is the most exciting, with an Amazon Echo speaker built right in, where you can talk to Alexa and ask different queries. Building a smart speaker into different products seems to be the trend this year. First Alert has built Alexa into their Safe and Sound smoke detector, Kohler has added her to their new mirror, and Ecobee has added her to a light switch as well.

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We’ve been fans of iDevices smart home products many times in the past. While they do lean towards the pricier side, they always perform well, with many unique features and capabilities.

Do you like the adding of Alexa to all of these different products? Let us know below.

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