Hands-on with First Alert’s OneLink that combines a smoke detector, AirPlay 2 Speaker, & Alexa

We got to go hands-on with First Alert’s upcoming smoke and carbon monoxide detector, the OneLink Safe & Sound. It integrates not only a HomeKit smoke and carbon monoxide sensor, but a premium AirPlay 2 speaker, and Amazon Alexa voice control.

This really was an interesting device, and something I didn’t quite expect to see.

They have had HomeKit smoke detectors in the past, but this is their first to integrate so many other smart home features.

Take a look at our hands on video to see if we were left impressed, or disappointed.

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I think I am most excited for the AirPlay 2 compatibility. In the past, to get multi room audio built in you’d need to run wires for some nice Bose speakers that would go into your walls, which would end up being pretty pricey. Instead, to rely on something like AirPlay 2 in a smoke detector means no additional wiring, easy to install, and you get the added benefit of a smart smoke detector.

Let us know what you think of this smart home product mashup down in the comments.