Apple posts a trio of videos highlighting Face ID & Portrait Lighting on iPhone X

Apple just published three new iPhone X-focused videos on its official YouTube channel that promote iPhone X’s Portrait Lighting shooting mode and the Face ID biometric feature.

The videos show off Portrait Lighting mode in action while underscoring Face ID’s underlying machine learning tech that helps the handset adapt to the user’s face as it changes over time.

Here they are.

iPhone X—Adapts to Your Face

Song: “Nana” by Polo & Pan

“iPhone X recognizes you, even when you change.”

iPhone X—Opens With a Glance

Song: “Ready” by Hael

“Face ID on iPhone X introduces the most unforgettable magical password ever created: Your face.”

iPhone X—Introducing Portrait Lighting

Song: “Messy Love” by Mura Masa

“Introducing Portrait Lighting on iPhone X. Studio-quality portraits without the studio.”

The latest ads arrived hot on the heels of a series of videos from November which showed off the Face ID and Animoji features.

How do you like Apple’s iPhone X advertising so far?

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