Gift Guide: Apple Watch band roundup

The go-to accessory for any Apple Watch owner is a nice band (or multiple bands). Whether you are picking one up as a gift, or for yourself, we’ve rounded up nearly two dozen watch bands from some of the best Apple Watch accessory makers to help you find the perfect one.

The holidays are fast approaching, so this is the perfect time of the year for a big Apple Watch band roundup. Many people just picked up a new Series 3 Apple Watch when they launched and many will be getting them as gifts.

Let’s go ahead and dive into this epic culmination of Apple Watch bands including silicone, metal, leather, and even wooden options.

To see them all in glorious HD detail, check out the hands on video.

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Now follow along with the video, and read on.


You can’t really do an Apple Watch bands roundup without including Apple. They make some of the best bands out there, though they often have the heftiest price tags.

Personally, I have many favorites including the newer Sport Loop, though my two go-to bands are the Space Black Milanese Loop, and the Midnight Blue Leather Loop.

Price wise, they fall relatively in the center of Apple’s bands. They aren’t nearly the most expensive, but they aren’t the cheapest either. They also both happen to be exceptionally comfortable, and infinitely adjustable.

I’ve had the Leather Loop since the first Apple Watch launched, and it still looks great years later.

The Space Back Milanese Loop is a more recent addition to my lineup, but so far it’s wonderful. The DLC (diamond-like coat) gives it that signature black color, while preventing it from easily being scratched. If you look at almost any third-party Milanese Loop in black, it almost certainly will be scuffed within weeks.

Band: Apple Leather Loop
Price: $149 from Apple

Band: Apple Space Black Milanese Loop
Price: $149-$199 from Apple


One of the few exceptions to my rule about not trusting third-party metal bands, has been Juuk.

Instead of stainless steel painted black, Juuk uses 6000 series anodized aluminum to create the dark, two-tone look of its newest band.

They have several different styles of metal bands, though my favorite is Vitero, designed to look like an “aggressive” sports band.

Another exceptional aspect about the Juuk Vitero, is the custom “Y” shaped links. They are each individually tapered, so that when you wear it, it creates a perfect curvature against your wrist and is quite comfortable.

Band: Juuk Vitero
Price: $159 from Amazon


Popular Apple accessory maker Nomad has a whole lineup of stand-out Apple Watch bands. They have two different styles of leather bands, as well as two different styles of sports bands.

For the leather, there is a modern variant, and a tradition one. They both look great, especially the more you wear them.

They all use leather from the Horween Leather tannery out of Chicago, and it develops a lovely patina over time.

They also have their own custom hardware. The lugs, in particular, are on the large size, and give the Apple Watch a bolder look than any other band.

For the silicone bands, there is a rugged option, that has metal lugs, or a full silicone one dubbed the sports band.

Band: Nomad Leather and Silicone Watch Bands
Price: $39-$79 from Nomad


Grovemade is known for using simple, high quality, natural material to make all of their products. From their wooden iPad sleeves, to their elegant Catch-All.

Their watch bands are no different. They are made out of genuine leather and assembled right here in the US.

They go for a modern, simple aesthetic to go with the Apple Watch’s look.

They are available in both black, and tan.

Band: Grovemade Leather Apple Watch Bands
Price: $79 from Grovemade

Southern Straps

There are two styles of Apple Watch band that Southern Straps creates. Nylon NATO style, and Italian leather.

They were one of the first to release a truly quality NATO style band, and they’ve remained one of my favorites.

The model I wear is this forest green with black hardware.

The leather is different because it actually uses up-cycled real Italian leather.

Band: Southern Straps Nylon
Price: $35 from Amazon

Band: Southern Straps Leather
Price: $75 from Southern Straps


If you are looking for an Apple Watch band to really stand out, how about a wooden one?

Ottm makes some crazy nice bands out of a few exotic hardwoods. Including Gabonese zebrawood, Indonesian sandalwood, and Canadian maple.

The model I’ve worn is the sandalwood, which has a lovely two-tone look.

They come with everything you need to adjust the links, including a few spares if you would ever need them.

Band: Southern Straps Nylon
Price: $35 from Amazon

Band: Southern Straps Leather
Price: $75 from Southern Straps


Sena is another fine leather company, making several iPhone and iPad cases.

Their European leather Apple Watch case is probably my favorite product they sell, though their bands are a close second.

The dark blue band I have is quite soft to the touch, and looks great.

Aside from this blue one, they have many other colors and styles available.

Band: Sena Heritage watch band
Price: $69.95 from Amazon


Monowear has several bands out there, and they are a good balance between quality and affordability.

I have a simple leather option (have you noticed I like blue and leather bands?) but they have a ton of others to choose from.

They have metal, nylon, leather, and silicone models to consider.

Band: Monowear Apple Watch Bands
Price: $24.99-$48.95 from Amazon

Clockwork Synergy

You’ve got nearly endless options when you consider Clockwork Synergy. They have so many different bands and styles, many super unique.

One of my favorites is this grey leather model that is part of their Dapper collection.

In the video, you can see several other styles of bands they offer.

Band: Clockwork Synergy bands
Price: $15.49-$44.95 from Amazon 

Spartan Watch Co.

Spartan Watch Co. makes several bands that are similar to Apple’s. They have a Milanese loop, nylon sports bands, and even some that replicate the Hermés Double Tour band.

The leather bands they offer have some wonderful distressing that looks like it would take a year of normal wear to achieve.

But the one band that really peaked my interest, was their version of Apple’s link bracelet.

They nail almost every aspect. It has the same look and the same feel. The clasp is the same ultra-thin butterfly clasp that is the same thickness as the rest of the band. Even the individual links that can be removed by pressing a small button on the back.

The only downside, and it is something I’ve already touched on, is that they can’t do the same hyper-expensive DLC on the outside, and instead are forced to paint it. While it looks great, after a month or so of use I noticed plenty of wear marks on the underside of my wrist. Basically, where it makes contact with my MacBook every day. You can better see what I am referring to in the video above.

Even if they haven’t quite nailed the finish on the black version, I would highly recommend the silver stainless steel model instead, where you won’t have the same issues.

Band: Spartan Watch Co.
Price: $19.99-$149.99 from Spartan Watch Co.

Wrapping it up (totally not a holiday pun!)

I hope that everyone was able to find something unique in this roundup, and at a minimum, you’ve discovered some new brands to keep an eye on.

As an Apple Watch owner for the last couple years, I find myself always looking for new bands. I love having different options to choose from, and always something that sets my Apple Watch apart from the large swaths of people who stick to the default Sports Bands that Apple includes in the box.

Whether you are picking one up for yourself, or as a gift, let me know down in the comments which one is your favorite. Alternatively, if you’ve got another favorite brand of Apple Watch band, I’d love if you could share it for me, and everyone else.