Grovemade Catch-All is a simple way to store your everyday items

Everyone has a menagerie of things to grab with them when they head out the door. Keys. Sunglasses. Your iPhone. Wallet. Instead of tossing them into a bowl or tray, Grovemade has created a more elegant solution they call the Catch-All that will easily hold you go-to items, as well as keep some unsightly ones out of view.

The Catch-All comes in two different wood types, a maple or walnut plywood. I have the maple option, which is is a nice light color that fits well into my home.

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The idea of the Catch-All is to have a soft basin to place your everyday items, as well as an easy way to hang your keys. The way they achieved that design of the Catch-All is quite interesting. They took the basic idea they had, and after some prototyping, they cut one of their desktop monitor stands in half, and realized it was the perfect basin. Some tinkering with size, materials, and mounting options laters, they had the Catch-All we see today.

The interior is lined with their signature wool felt that is used in many of their other products. It is soft and plush, and a great way to keep your scratch-prone items safe. It is inlayed against the basin, which is crafted out of aluminum.

The key pegs are one of my favorite little pieces of the Catch-All. The hooks are kept out of view by mounting them on the underside of the organizer. There are three brass rods that protrude towards the wall, allowing you to easily hang your keys. Though when not in use, they aren’t conspicuous.

It is mounted on your wall with just a pair of screws. It’s no different than hanging a picture frame, with the only real difficulty in making sure it is level. Luckily, your iPhone’s built-in level can help with that!

The back is also lined with cork to create a natural protector for your wall.

I find myself keeping my Twelve South CaddySack, my sunglasses, and my wallet in the Catch-All. I even sometimes drop change or recent receipts in there time-to-time. The elevated front and chamfered edge help keep those nondescript items out of sight.

Each of the Catch-Alls is made here in the USA, specifically, Portland, Oregon. That signifier, as well as the Grovemade logo, can be seen on the inner edge, which prevents any unsightly wordmarks from marring the exterior.

Such a simple product can be misleading. From the outside, it just looks like a carved piece of wood. However, the intricacies and nuances that have come from a significant time investment yield a product that would be hard to quickly replicate. Molding the plywood is hard enough, let alone working with the aluminum. It is this time, attention, and craftsmanship that attempt to justify the high-end price tag.

Grovemade’s wooden iPad sleeves, iPhone cases, and phone docks are some of our favorites, and the Catch-All is no different. It is a simple solution to a common problem many deal with.

If you’d like to pick one up, you can purchase from Grovemade directly. The Catch-All is available in either maple or walnut for $149.

Let me know what you think of the Catch-All, down below in the comments.