How to view all photos, sketches and documents stored in your Notes app

Not too long ago we highlighted the sometimes overlooked ability to pin your notes in iOS 11. In the same vein, Notes has been updated with another low-key tab that can greatly upvalue the app experience.

If you know where to look, you can pull up a dedicated view for all attachments embedded into Notes, arranged by file type and date for quick access and extraction.

The use for such feature should not require a lot of explaining, so let’s dive straight into the how:

How to view all attachments embedded in Notes

1) For the most part, this trick is as straightforward as it will ever get. Open Notes and select a Folder such as your iCloud Notes.

2) Looking at the list view of all compiled notes, touch the bottom left icon made up of four little squares.

3) You’ve entered the place where attachments go to mingle. In here you’ll be able to backtrace all pictures, sketches and documents attached to a note in your Notes folders.

4) You can now swipe horizontally through the galleries or hit Show All in the corner of each rubric. Hit it to get to the mosaic view of all items.

For demonstration purposes I’m going to pick Photos and Videos.

5) Finally, once you have identified the image you have been desperate to find, just expand the shot and look to the top right for your Show in Note link. Easy as!

If you haven’t checked the feature yet, by all accounts pop open Notes and have a look around! And while you’re at it, this is also an expedient place to go if you feel like cleansing your Notes app from older, space-hogging files (that you probably even weren’t aware of in the first place).

So there, more than one good reason to give it a go today!