Animal Crossing Pocket Camp finally has a release date: November 22

Nintendo’s forthcoming iOS game Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp that was previewed a month ago finally has a release date. It will be coming to mobile devices worldwide on November 22nd.

This will be the third movie game from Nintendo, after the release of Super Mario Run, and Fire Emblem Heros.

Unlike Super Mario Run, Animal Crossing will be a free-to-play game.

The upcoming title has been made available for quite a while now as a soft launch.

We took a look at what you can expect in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp after Nintendo gave an early look at the game, last month.

As a refresher, the camping-themed simulator allows people to collect, craft, and design their own personal campsite, as well as visit their friends. There are the usual time-barriers seen in freemium titles, such as the time it takes to craft items. All of which can be sped up via premium currency, available through micro transactions.

Are you looking forward to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp? Do you like the free-to-play model they’ve adopted, or would you rather it take the Super Mario Run approach, and unlock most features via a one-time purchase? Let us know below!