WurstWetter, GymKing, getFilter, and other apps to check out this weekend

This week;’s edition of our Apps of the Week roundup features a different kind of weather app, a minimal workout logger for the gym, and a filter for your text messages. And as always, we’ve picked two great new games for you to check out.


I know, I know, there are already SO many weather apps out there. But this one has an interesting twist. Instead of focusing on giving you your local focus, WurstWetter tells you what weather is like across the country—particularly the worst weather. Is it pouring rain in the northwest? Snowing in the northeast? Storming in the midwest? WurstWetter has the answer. This is a great app for weather buffs, or those with friends and family scattered across the US. WurstWetter is available for free.


Looking for a simple, easy-to-use app to log your gym workouts? Check out GymKing. There’s really no frills or unneeded features here. Just a minimal interface that allows you to track your workouts and exercises. Customize your workouts for your needs, track your progress with beautiful graphs, calculate your max and total volumes, log your PRs and see your personal records. GymKing is available for free.


Are you getting too many unwanted SMS or MMS everyday and you can’t find the important ones in your ‘Messages’? getFilter uses Apple’s all new CoreML to filter the unwanted messages out and shows you the ones you actually want. Set custom rules, choose from both online and offline modes, and much more. This is a pretty specific app, that fulfills a pretty specific need, but if you need some help filtering through your messages, this seems like a solid option. getFilter is available for free.

Beat Street

Beat Street is the first beat ’em up with intuitive single touch controls and is a love letter to the 90s beat ’em up genre. Evil gangs are terrorizing Toko City and the citizens need your help! Fight your way through hordes of enemies and become the new hero in town. Features include online co-op mode, story-driven gameplay, unlockable fighters and other content, retro music and handcrafted pixel art, and more. iPhone X support! Beat Street is available for free.


RPGolf seamlessly blends golf and RPG into one addicitve game. Battling monsters will level you up, allowing you to hit the ball further. Discovering new clubs and gloves scattered around the world will improve your golf game, and also give you the edge in combat. By blending 2 game styles together, RPGolf creates a brand-new take on both, unlike anything seen before. Features include retro gaming graphics, simple, intuitive controls, deadly boss fights, and much more. RPGolf is available for $2.99.

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