Apple shares tips on how to optimize websites for iPhone X using new WebKit API

The iPhone X’s new Super Retina display looks pretty stunning. Users have started to note how some websites don’t work exceptionally well on the edge-to-edge display because of the notch, and the Home indicator. Apple has now shared some tools for developers that will be coming soon to help them optimize their websites.

Amongst the other changes in iOS 11.2, Apple also has introduced a new developer API for WebKit. WebKit is the technology that powers Safari on iOS and macOS. There have always been, since iOS 11, accommodations for the iPhone X, but they have been updated with iOS 11.2.

The biggest issues with websites on the iPhone X are sites that have a full width and have content hidden behind the notch, or menu items at the bottom that are obscured by the Home indicator.

Developers that are interested, can read more about the changes on the WeKit site.