New renderings imagine 6.7-inch iPhone X Plus

Dutch 3D artist Martin Hajek has become something of a household name in the Apple community with his painstakingly designed mockups imagining unreleased Apple products.

Today, Hajek published his latest renderings depicting what a massive 6.7-inch iPhone X Plus model would look like next to today’s iPhone X. The best bit: Apple could easily fit a 6.7-inch OLED panel inside a Plus-sized chassis by taking advantage of a near fullscreen design.

To create renderings of an imaginary Galaxy Note-sized Apple smartphone, Hajek used his own 3D files for the 5.8-inch iPhone X model as a starting point to see “what would happen if the screen size would be increased by the same factor as the iPhone 8 to iPhone 8 Plus ratio.”

The results are pretty convincing, as you can see for yourself.

I’d actually say it’s inevitable.

Mind you, his renderings aren’t just wishful thinking.

As a quick refresher, several supply chain sources have said that Apple would most likely expand the iPhone lineup as soon as next year by adding at least one new X-style device to the mix, outfitted with a massive 6.46-inch edge-to-edge display.

Some sources, like The Korean Herald, even predicted that there would be two new OLED iPhone sizes next year, 5.85 and 6.46 inches, basically putting the flagship 2018 iPhone X model on par with Samsung’s Note series in terms of screen size.

I think there’s nothing wrong with that because people love options.

How about you?

Should Apple offer us even more choices beyond the regular and Plus-sized iPhone models, do you think? Do we really need a larger iPhone X or does the one-size-fits-all approach work when it comes to iPhone X design?

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