Instagram Stories can now include media captured more than 24 hours ago

Instagram on Wednesday announced that it’s lifting restrictions which limited you to using photos and images in your Stories captured up to 24 hours ago.

Starting today, you can add photos and videos to your Instagram Story even if you took them more than 24 hours ago. “Now, you’ll be able to easily find and choose anything from your camera roll and share it instantly with friends,” notes Instagram.

Swipe up from the Instagram camera to open your Camera roll (or tap the gallery icon), then scroll to choose your media and tap to select the items you want to add to your Story, even if the photo or video was taken more than 24 hours ago.

You will also see a new sticker if you’d like to add some context for when the media was taken.

To be able to add photos or videos more than 24 hours old to your Stories, you must be using the mobile Instagram app for iOS version 22 or later.

Instagram is a free download from App Store.