Service expansion, Wallet passes for all Ticketmaster venues & other Apple Pay updates

During Sunday’s Money20/20 Las Vegas event, Apple Pay head Jennifer Bailey gave a keynote presentation highlighting an upcoming expansion and some key stats while sharing more about what’s next for the company’s mobile payments service.

For starters, the service could launch in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Poland this week while arriving at more US merchants. Specifically, Apple Pay is now rolling out to all Saks Fifth Avenue, Albertsons and Dick’s Sporting Goods locations across the United States.

Albertsons is rolling out Apple Pay to 2,300 stores, including Safeway. Dick’s Sporting Goods supports Apple Pay in 675 stores. Later this year, the service will expand to McDonald’s and Chipotle’s apps in several cities.

Jennifer also said that Apple’s Wallet app will soon support all Ticketmaster sports and concert venues in the US. For those wondering, Apple Pay is now three years old.

According to the official session description:

How we shop and pay for products and services is undergoing a transformation. Ride sharing, order ahead meals on iPhone, a post-workout smoothie with Apple Watch, on-demand delivery of anything, anytime, buying digital-only tickets, and soon sending and receiving money from friends and family right in Messages, are all made simple with Apple Pay. Going cashless is fast becoming truly effortless.

The executive shared a few interesting highlights about the mobile payments service.

Currently available in 20 countries with support from about 4,000 issuers, Apple Pay accounts for 90 percent of the world’s mobile contactless payments. Fifty percent of US retailers accept Apple Pay, including 67 of the top 100 retailers.

The service accounts for ninety percent of all mobile transaction needs in places where contactless transactions are available. Lastly, Jennifer confirmed that “thousands” of our Apple employees have been testing the upcoming person-to-person Apple Pay Cash service.

Do you use Apple Pay? If so, what’s your experience with it been so far?

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