Ikea delays HomeKit support for its smart lighting products due to technical difficulties

Ikea’s Trådfri family of smart lighting products won’t be getting HomeKit support today due to “technical difficulties” in getting the connectivity to work, the company wrote in a blog post.

German publication SmartDroid reported Thursday that Ikea apologized to Trådfri owners after they criticized yesterday’s update which was supposed to enable HomeKit compatibility.

Instead, Trådfri owners reported technical difficulties in getting connectivity to work. As of now, there is still no working support for HomeKit, meaning Trådfri owners should patiently await another software update.

This is a major blunder for the furniture giant.

In March, Ikea promised to release a firmware with HomeKit compatibility in the summer. However, summer came and went without the promised firmware update from Ikea.

Ikea yesterday issued a statement on its Swedish Facebook page saying that the Trådfri lighting products are not yet compatible with Apple, Amazon and Google. “The plan is that everything will work as we’d like this fall. We are very sorry for the confusion,” reads the post.