Dock+ for iPhone, OLEDification, and other jailbreak tweaks to check out this weekend

Once again, we’re experiencing a cooldown period following last week’s Apple event, but the jailbreak community is still pulling through with interest-piquing new jailbreak tweak releases intended to make your iOS experience even better.

In this roundup, we’ll discuss all the jailbreak tweaks released throughout the last week, starting with our favorites. We’ll outline the rest of them afterward. 

Our favorite releases this week

Dock+ for iPhone – $2.00

Dock+ for iPhone is an incredible upgrade for the iPhone’s Dock experience. Not only will it let you summon the Dock from almost anywhere on your device, but it increases your multitasking potential.

Once installed, you can use an Activator gesture to reveal the dock inside any app and tap on any of your docked apps to launch those instead. Moreover, you can tap and hold on any of your docked apps to launch them as windowed versions of themselves that can be used side-by-side, similarly to the iPad.

While in windowed mode, there are various controls you can use to close, resize, and adjust the alpha level of the windows.

Dock+ for iPhone increases the number of apps you can have on your Dock to five on 5.5-inch iPhones too, so it helps extend the Dock’s usefulness on larger devices. You can read our full review of the tweak to learn more about why this is such a great upgrade for jailbroken iOS 10 iPhones.

OLEDification – $1.99

OLEDification is a new jailbreak tweak that transforms your iPhone’s notifications so that it looks like you’re receiving notifications on a device with an OLED display.

Typical of many OLED displays, like the one on the Apple Watch, is a dark background and robust colored details making up a graphic of some sort. While OLED displays are capable of so much more, dark backgrounds are typically better on battery life, which is why they’re used so much.

If you like the OLED aesthetic, then OLEDification is a way to bring this to your iPhone too. You can configure whether the graphics are black/white or colored, and choose privacy settings for your incoming notifications.

You can read our full review of OLEDification to learn more about whether the tweak is for you.

Other releases this week

CleanMusicCC: Makes the Now Playing interface in Control Center cleaner by removing extraneous features (free)

ClearRedDot: Lets you clear the red dot in the WeChat app with a single tap (free)

Huu for Hulu: Stops jailbreak detection and lets you scrub through advertisements in the Hulu app (free – review)

ScrollyFolders: Lets you scroll sideways through your folders while in landscape mode (free)

SnapCheck: Lets you check to see who’s following you on Snapchat (free)

WCGameEmoji: A plugin for WeChat that lets you win games more quickly (free)

That just about wraps things up for this week’s list of jailbreak tweak releases, but more tweaks are under development that we expect to launch in the future. As always, stay tuned to iDB to stay up to date with the latest jailbreak news.

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more, then you can check out last week’s jailbreak tweak roundup in case you missed anything special. We also have a whole host of dedicated roundups that can help you find tweaks to trick out your jailbroken iOS 10 device below:

What was your favorite jailbreak tweak released this week? Share in the comments section below!