Pixelmator Pro with advanced machine learning features is coming this fall

Popular Photoshop alternative Pixelmator is getting a brand new edition of the software this fall with even more pro-level features, such as a sophisticated painting engine, non-destructive editing, a revamped single-window interface and other powerful capabilities based on GPU acceleration and machine learning using Apple’s new Core ML API.

They teased the app in May, saying it’s their biggest project ever that has been in the works for years, resulting in “the most innovative, beautiful and powerful thing that we’ve ever done.”

Aside from a revamped interface, the app will offer a bunch of new tools for retouching photos, creating vector graphics, digital painting, designing layouts and much more.

According to the developers on Monday, Pixelmator Pro 1.0 code-named ”Whirlwind” packs in a “magical” Repair tool (billed as “the world’s smartest and fastest”), a Quick Selection tool, dozens of shapes, drawing tools, layer styles (like Sunset or Portrait) and more.

The Quick Selection tool takes advance of machine learning to snap to boundaries more intelligently than ever before, detect horizon in your images and more.

Many other features will benefit from machine learning, too, including an all-new Repair tool that will seamlessly remove and replace parts of any photo, as well as another cool feature which automatically labels different layers based on their content.

The non-destructive Arrange tool lets you resize, rotate and more, knowing you can revert changes at any time. Smart spacing guides appear automatically to help evenly arrange objects and new alignment tools make it easy to align multiple objects with a single click.

Metal 2-powered painting is “staggeringly responsive, fluid and natural,” says Pixelmator.

“We’ve also packed in a stunning collection of handcrafted brushes with dual textures, advanced brush dynamics and our new Dynamic Paint Blending technology,” they said.

All image effects built into Pixelmator Pro are non-destructive and you can finally apply multiple effects to a single layer and see all your changes in real time.

Effects can be mixed to achieve desired looks, with the ability to share effects combinations as presets with other people or use them in any of your images with a single click.

Here are the links to learn more about the various Pixelmator Pro features:

Pixelmator Pro uses new image processing techniques to eliminate posterization artifacts and improve clarity. You will even be able to edit multiple RAW images as layers in a single document using all the additional image detail saved in your RAW files.

Pixelmator’s Andrius Gailiunas told The Verge that they intend to make Pixelmator Pro “as affordable as possible,” but didn’t disclose the price.

The app will likely switch to a subscription model. By comparison, regular Pixelmator costs $30 on the Mac, while a Photoshop subscription starts at $10 per month.

“The target audience is pretty much everyone,” Gailiunas said. “Our goal has always been to create an image editor that absolutely anyone could use and enjoy.”

The app will take full advantage of Metal 2, Core Image and GPU acceleration to make the most from the graphics processor in your Mac. “Pushing the boundaries of image editing, Pixelmator Pro also includes machine learning-enhanced editing features. So tools are not just blistering fast—they’re whip smart, too” the developers aid.

We’ll keep you updated as Pixelmator Pro inches closer to its release.