Let’s Talk iOS 201: It’s always situational

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Apple is rumored to get ready to spend over one billion dollars on original content next year. The guys discuss the implication and possible functionality of a cellular Apple Watch. And of course, iPhone 8 talks.

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Show Notes


Former WGN America president Matt Cherniss joins Apple’s global video team

The wait for new digital movie releases could shorten to just two weeks

WSJ: Apple to spend $1 billion on Hollywood programming over the next year


Apple Watch

KGI: LTE Apple Watch to adopt eSIM, but lack cellular phone calling at launch

KGI: the next Apple Watch won’t look much different from previous models


iPhone 8

WSJ: iPhone 8’s deep-sensing 3D scanner works in complete darkness

iPhone 8’s new 3D sensors can reportedly sense a face within millionths of a second

Alleged iPhone 8 OLED display assembly and internal components leak

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