iPhone 8’s new 3D sensors can reportedly sense a face within millionths of a second

According to a new report Monday from the Korea Herald, those 3D sensors said to be coming to iPhone 8 will be capable of scanning a user’s face within the millionths of a second.

The new 3D sensors, supporting advanced facial recognition and enhanced augmented reality apps, “can deeply sense a user’s face within the millionths of a second”, as per the report.

As per the story, the sensors are found on both the front and rear in order “to realize augmented reality apps which integrate 3D virtual images with user’s environment in real time.”

The report speculates iPhone 8 won’t feature a display curved at the edges like that on Galaxy S8 even though Apple’s phone will use flexible organic light-emitting diode (OLED) panels.

“Apple is highly unlikely to follow the same design of its rival’s,” a source familiar with the matter told the publication. “Instead of the curved edge display, it will have a flat screen with bezel-less on the top and bottom alongside the two sides.”

Apple’s facial recognition should use infrared light sensors that work in complete darkness.

The new biometrics feature is said to fully support Apple Pay and even work from oblique angles, including when the device is laid flat on a table. The Cupertino company has tried but apparently failed to put a fingerprint reader under the OLED panel screen of iPhone 8 due to technical difficulties.

Image via Facebook’s DeepFace