ARKit will make trying on lipstick a whole lot easier

If some of the previously highlighted ARKit demos showcasing a cool tape measure, accurate room measurementnavigation and maps or finding your friends at a festival haven’t impressed you much, this augmented reality app from ModiFace targeting the beauty industry might.

The app shows off cool use for augmented reality and artificial intelligence: makeup.

Using Apple’s ARKit framework in iOS 11 for building augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad, ModiFace’s iOS app lets you perform a virtual makeover by simulating the effects of different makeup palettes and beauty products without you actually applying any makeup.

Check out the app in action.

Using image processing and photo manipulation, the software takes your own photo and renders it as a virtual beauty counter. You can walk close to the counter to zoom and view specific product visualizations or features.

As an example, just move your device closer to a virtual lip to see the details of a lipstick applied to your own photo. This technology is specifically built for beauty brands. ModiFace is already working with over 70 partners including Sephora, L’Oreal, Avon and Urban Decay.

They’ll be testing these virtual counters with partners in the coming weeks. Thanks to ARKit, testing and buying beauty products without leaving our homes is now a reality!