Finding your festival friends with ARKit

If you’ve been wondering about another practical, genuinely useful and indispensable real-life use case for ARKit beyond mapping and navigation, this might be it.

iOS developer David Urbina is working on an exciting ARKit-driven app, Neon, that will let you easily find your friends at a concert, summer festival or other venue, all in augmented reality.

Coming this fall to iOS devices powered by the A9 chip or newer, Neon makes it ridiculously simple to find your friends in any crowded places by holding up the device and looking around.

The developer has successfully tested the app at the Outside Lands 2017 festival and it’s so dope, but don’t take my word it—watch the video below to see it in action.

Finding your friends at a festival will never be the same!

As one of the best use cases for ARKit and augmented reality seen so far, this is pretty rad.

You may or may not like the idea for this app, but there’s no denying that its use of Apple’s ARKit framework solves a real problem in a way that its non-AR version could not.

I’m so excited that the age of the really useful augmented reality apps is finally upon us—one can only imagine what an ARKit-powered Find My Friends app from Apple could look like.

You can sign up for a beta or to be notified when Neon releases at the official website.