Picaso Lab handcrafts incredible leather MacBook Pro sleeves

Without protection for your Apple notebook when you’re traveling, hazards that spell out scratches or dents in the aluminum finish lurk around every corner.

The Picaso Lab classic leather sleeve lets you pack your Apple notebook with confidence. Available in a slew of color choices, I opted for the black and coral red option you see above because it’s stunning and really pops. I even had my full name engraved in the leather to give it some ownership.

I use a Cocoon backpack to lug all my peripherals around with my notebook on the go. Nevertheless, there are still times when I want to travel lightly and leave my peripherals at home. It wasn’t long before I realized I needed a computer sleeve for this purpose.

My searches led me to Picaso Lab, a California-based company that specializes in quality hand-made leather sleeves for Apple notebooks. After just two days, Alex from Picaso Lab whipped up one of these classy handmade sleeves for my computer using the advanced crafting skills he learned from his grandfather and locally-sourced Napa leather.

Putting my 2017 MacBook Pro in the sleeve took some effort the first day I used it, but a note inside the box explained to me that there was a “break-in” process, which takes about 72 hours. Throughout this period, you’re supposed to leave your notebook in the sleeve overnight so the leather can form to it. Realistically, it took around two weeks for my sleeve to break in completely, but your mileage could vary depending on how much you use it.

Two inches of a coral red-colored leather line the lip of the interior and lead you into the sleeve, where you’ll find a color-matched felt material that keeps your computer safe from scratches. Coupled with the padded leather, your notebook is protected from light travels to and from home or work.

Not only does the Picaso Lab classic leather sleeve fit like a glove, but it looks great both inside and out. Unlike the cheesy production line alternatives you can buy in stores, this one is crafted by hand from quality materials, and the unmatched craftsmanship is the cherry on top.

I became so fond of the sleeve that I shared it with Andrew, and because he enjoyed craftsmanship and looks as much as I did, he picked one up to film the following video review:

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Because I have virtually nothing bad to say about the Picaso Lab classic leather sleeve, there’s no point in making a pros/cons list in this review. While everyone has different computer-toting needs, I’m somewhat of a minimalist myself, and this sleeve met every one of my needs.

But I’m not the only one; even Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak enjoyed Picaso Lab’s sleeves and purchased several of them for his own notebooks. He recently worked directly with Picaso Lab, offering a limited edition signed model that flew off the shelves upon release.

You can pick up a Picaso Lab sleeve of your own for your Mac or iPad from Picaso Lab’s website. You can also use the iDB-exclusive promo code idownload10 to save 10% off your entire order there.

The price varies depending on the type of computer you’ve got and whether you want it engraved – engravings are limited to 20 characters and can be etched in standard cursive or bold non-cursive font.

We understand the Picaso Lab classic sleeve won’t be for everybody, so let us know whether or not you like how it looks and/or what you use as an alternative in the comments section below!