Auto SilentMe silences your iPhone based on calendar events

There are times when you can take notifications, and then there are times when you just can’t. While Do Not Disturb is a great tool for this, it’s not the perfect solution to avoiding unwanted notifications because it relies on you to manually enable or schedule it, and sometimes we forget.

That’s a weak link that a new jailbreak tweak called Auto SilentMe by iOS developer IArrays hopes to strengthen, as it brings new notification-suppressing features to your device that will prevent embarrassing notifications from coming in when you don’t want them knocking at the door.

The tweak keeps your iPhone’s sounds and vibrations from going off by using smart features like Calendar event detection, Wi-Fi network detection, and Do Not Disturb integration; but it doesn’t stop there.

Those who attend work meetings or go to class every day know that when a phone goes off, it’s both rude and attention-grabbing for the whole audience, and this tweak offers a very real solution to that problem so long as you keep your calendars updated with your upcoming events.

Auto SilentMe comes with a host of options to configure your experience, letting you tailor it to the way you use your device in any environment. You’ll find a new preferences pane in the Settings app after installation:

Here, you can:

  • Toggle the tweak on or off
  • View active profiles
  • View inactive profiles

If you go into any of your profiles, you can configure it to keep notifications from coming at bad times. You’ll find all the following options for each of your profiles:

  • Toggle the profile on or off
  • Schedule when the profile will be active
  • Choose default media playback volume while profile is active
  • Choose default ringer volume while profile is active
  • Toggle vibration while profile is active
  • Toggle ring alerts while profile is active
  • Choose the alert tone that plays while profile is active
  • Toggle vibration alerts while profile is active
  • Toggle waking up the screen while profile is active
  • Toggle Do Not Disturb when profile is active
  • Show a Status Bar icon when profile is active
  • Choose Wi-Fi networks that will toggle your profile automatically when connected
  • Choose the Calendar(s) that the tweak will draw events from to toggle your profile automatically
  • Prevent all-day events from toggling your profile

Worthy of note, you can draw information from any of your iCloud calendars, so you can use this tweak for work-based events or family-based events; whatever is most convenient for you.

If you’re utilizing the Wi-Fi option, this means the tweak can be configured to automatically suppress notifications when you connect to a certain Wi-Fi network, such as the one in your work office or scholarly institution. This would mean that notifications would behave normally when you connect to your home Wi-Fi network or elsewhere.

The other settings let you fine tune how your notifications will come in assuming the profile is active, which include setting custom volumes and vibration settings. This ensures you have the most undisturbed experience possible when you go where you need to go and do what you need to do.

Whenever an event ends, or you leave the designated Wi-Fi network, the tweak releases its suppression effects and you will continue to receive notifications normally, so you can consider it like an automatic form of Do Not Disturb but with more extensive options.

Apple’s Do Not Disturb system is great, but since human error can result in the feature not performing to par, this tweak fills the void. Not only does it use your calendar to toggle custom notification and Do Not Disturb settings automatically based on events, but it takes things a step further by letting you customize how you’re notified; a powerful feature to have, and an area where Do Not Disturb is lacking.

Auto SilentMe is going to be great for those who work in professional office environments or attend school (college, or other), but it can be great for casual use too. It’s available as a free download from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, but the developer’s third-party payment system requires a $1.99 payment to activate the tweak once installed.

Auto SilentMe is compatible with jailbroken iOS 8, 9, and 10 devices.

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