Videos: cool stuff made with ARKit

Eager to learn why Apple’s new ARKit framework is such a big deal? Look no further than a new website which offers a hand-picked curation of some of the coolest stuff developers have made thus far with ARKit, via The Loop.

For the uninitiated, augmented reality experiences superimpose computer-generated imagery on top of live video feed of the real world. According to Apple, ARKit uses a technique known as Visual Inertial Odometry to accurately track the world around an iPhone or iPad by fusing camera sensor data with motion data.

“These two inputs allow the device to sense how it moves within a room with a high degree of accuracy, and without any additional calibration,” the company says.

The following videos offer a look at the capabilities of the ARKit framework.










The ARKit framework uses computer vision to determine the layout of your surroundings and automatically find horizontal planes like tables and floors. It can track and place objects on smaller feature points and apply the right type of light to a virtual object in order to match the current lighting conditions in your room.

Ikea is working on an AR app in partnership with Apple that will let users try out furniture in augmented reality before buying it. Apple’s WWDC 2017 keynote demos included an upcoming ARKit-driven game, called Wingnut AR, by director Peter Jackson’s AR company.

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