Let’s Talk Jailbreak 162: Lower is always better

For their monthly meet up, Joaquim and Sebastien briefly discuss the latest and greatest of WWDC 2017. The duo then talks about recent development in the jailbreak community including a jailbreak for iPhone 7 on iOS 10.1.1, Extender Installer, CoolBooter, a few jailbreak tweaks, and more.

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Show notes

Delta b4: View

Extender Installer: No more 7-day signing worries: View

Last chance to save blobs for, upgrade, downgrade iOS 10.3.1: View

iPhone 7(+) stable jailbreak on iOS 10.1.1 with extra_recipe: View

Additional info: Now with Substrate View, Now with support for 10.0.x.

Extra_recipe now has preliminary support for iP6s(+?) and iPad Air 2.

Not yet compiled by Todesco into .ipa, but GitHub shows support for extra devices coming. Benefits over yalu102?

CoolBooter app updated to b9.

Thought development was off, now back on, joke?
Changes: Better iOS 7 support, fixes some/all bootloops.
No update to CLI version yet. If testing, uninstall secondary OS before updating and reinstalling secondary OS.

JailbreakersUnite: a new conference that aims to bring jailbreak community members together

JailbreakersUnite site

This tweak makes Control Center default to the Now Playing card when music is playing

Allow guests to sign into your iPhone or iPad with Guest Mode 2

New jailbreak tweak brings a MacBook Pro-style Touch Bar to your iPhone

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