JailbreakersUnite: a new conference that aims to bring jailbreak community members together

Unfortunately, WWJC won’t be happening in 2017, and there’s no word about whether it will ever happen again, but a new event startup aims to bring jailbreakers together in a similar way.

Dubbed JailbreakersUnite, it’s essentially a conference and meetup in which avid jailbreakers and prominent members of the community can get together and discuss the topic together.

The first details started making their way to /r/jailbreak on Wednesday and the posting has since received tons of up-votes from the jailbreak community.

Like other events in the past, JailbreakersUnite will host speakers who will share valuable information in the hopes that it will spur interest in jailbreak and jailbreak tweak development.

Not only will attendees get the chance to meet face-to-face with prominent jailbreak community members, but they’ll get to learn more about jailbreaking and how it works in the background.

The event is being organized by Andy Hoff and is scheduled to take place on July 22 and 23 at the Fat Cat Fab Lab Maker Space in Greenwich Village, in New York City.

A full schedule has not yet been materialized, but anyone interested in speaking at the event should email the event organizers directly as soon as possible with their topic query and go from there. So far, the list of speakers is as follows:

  • William Vabrinskas – The repository manager for ModMyi
  • ClevrPwn – A security researcher deeply involved in the jailbreak community
  • Logan O’Connell – A jailbreak developer behind popular jailbreak tweaks like Falcon
  • Matt Clarke – The developer behind Extender and various other jailbreak tweaks

Because the event is still young in its conception, the speaker list is still short as the organizer continues to reach out to high-profile jailbreak community members. The list is expected to grow over time as more responses are received.

In addition to the serious stuff, the event serves to be a fun place to hang out and meet new people in the community with similar interests. Tickets for JailbreakersUnite will be available for purchase for a mere $15 soon from the event’s official web page.

If you’re heavily invested in jailbreaking and want the chance to meet some prominent community members, this just might be the chance of a lifetime for you.