Apple’s Activity app could be removable in iOS 11

Aside from spotting interesting references to a drag-and-drop feature for iPad and an all-new dedicated Files app, developer Troughton-Smith also noticed a placeholder listing for Apple’s stock Activity app on App Store.

This is the first time the app has appeared as a downloadable item on App Store, suggesting Activity could be removable in iOS 11. The listing has since been removed from App Store.

No additional screenshots, descriptions or other information were provided.

Introduced as part of the iOS 9 update two years ago, the Activity app is one of the few stock apps that cannot be hidden from a user’s Home screen. Check out Apple’s support document for the full list of built-in iPhone and iPad apps that can be removed from the Home screen.

The Activity app only appears on the Home screen if a paired Apple Watch is present. Apple could be making Activity a downloadable item so that non-watch users could optionally download it and fill their Activity rings with other fitness tracking devices.