Here’s how emojis are approved

Virtually every smartphone sold today includes an emoji keyboard. Indeed, the emoji has served us well thus far, having become a cultural phenomenon. But have you ever wondered what exactly goes into an emoji approval?

Why we still don’t have a redhead emoji and just how many dinosaurs is too many?

Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia and member of the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, sat down with The Next Web to discuss the process of approving new emoji characters and shares what challenges lie ahead in the future of emoji.

Watch the video now.

“Behind the scenes of this simple-looking set of smileys is an array of meetings involving Apple, Google, Microsoft and other major tech companies,” reads the video’s description.

The Unicode Consortium recently previewed an additional 69 new emoji characters that will be coming this summer as part of the Emoji 5.0 update, including the Tyrannosaurus Rex, a mermaid, fortune cookie, shush face and more.